Advanced Item Types

End-to-End Advanced Item Testing

From item authoring and banking to exam development and delivery, ExamStudio is the leader in advanced item type technology. Develop complex subject matter into dynamic, real-world situational exams to test anything from IT, medical and dental certifications to exams for construction, finance and more.

Powered by Red PandaX technology to provide a seamless experience from authoring to delivery.


Advanced Item Types

Develop complex subject matter into dynamic testing items with ease using ExamStudio’s integrated item authoring tools to create:
Advanced interactive cases
Hot spot items
Drag and place items
Spreadsheet items
Custom 2D/3D items
True performance-based tests
HTML5 advanced items with Red Panda X

RedPandaX Advanced Item Types

Develop custom interactive items with ExamStudio’s seamless integrated approach to handling advanced items as easily as multiple choice, from item authoring, exam publishing, to exam delivery and scoring.
Work with the ExamStudio team to develop a custom item
Item bank and deliver custom 2D and 3D items
Create true performance-based tests
Utilize advanced HTML5 interactive graphics

Exam Development

Build and publish test forms featuring interactive, advanced item types with rich media integration to assess complex skills and knowledge.

Exam Delivery

Assess advanced subject matter with seamless test delivery to proctored and un-proctored testing locations, as well as performance-based testing in real-world environments delivered anywhere and to any device.

Ideal for Organizations of Every Size, Delivered at Any Scale

From IT and medical certifications to exams for construction, finance and more, ExamStudio’s all-in-one solution enables a broad range of organizations to build, publish and deliver web-based exams in any language, anywhere, anytime.
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