Robust Exam Development

Develop Dynamic Exams for Any Subject Matter with Ease

Build and publish test forms featuring complex test options, advanced and multilingual formats, scoring data and comprehensive versioning with ExamStudio. Plus, leverage intuitive tools and a sophisticated interface to produce interactive exams that engage candidates.

Build & Publish Test Forms

Construct rich exam formats that test any subject matter from simple to complex using ExamStudio’s form builder. Package forms in partner-specific or standard formats such as QTI 1.2, QTI 2.1 for delivery in other programs, or publish forms directly in ExamStudio Web Delivery to administer in test centers, in remote proctoring, at events, or at home for self-assessments.

Complex Test Options

For certifications and assessments that require dynamically interactive or real-world, hands-on skills, ExamStudio enables organizations to develop a variety of complex test options to effectively measure performance-based proficiencies.

End-to-End Multilingual Functionality

Publish exams for use across diverse testing audiences by leveraging the advantage of ExamStudio’s end-to-end multilingual platform functionality, including multiple language publication of any exam.

Comprehensive Versioning System

The most comprehensive versioning system on the market, ExamStudio enables organizations to better control testing through features including:
Authoring version for items, cases, media, forms and exams
Complex publishing version
Multi-user compatible versioning
Audit trail of item formats and exam versions taken by candidates

Result Data & Scoring

Analyze the effectiveness of exams using ExamStudio’s robust data functionality to:
Score and rescore candidate result data
View all result data in detail
Import result data
Generate or import statistics
Support for IRT, Rasch and classical test theory statistics

SOC 2 Type II Certified

Trust ExamStudio to protect your testing content with the most comprehensive certification within the Systems and Organization Controls protocol. Our SOC 2 Type II status means the security of our platform securely supports your sensitive information at the highest level.

Ideal for Organizations of Every Size, Delivered at Any Scale

From IT and medical certifications to exams for construction, finance and more, ExamStudio’s all-in-one solution enables a broad range of organizations to build, publish and deliver web-based exams in any language, anywhere, anytime.
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