SME Management

Streamlined SME Management

Meet complex SOPs, security and workflow requirements with ExamStudio’s robust subject matter expert (SME) management tools to streamline the entire testing process – no matter the size or location of your SME team.

Configurable Access for Item Authoring & Banking

Improve the entire testing process beginning with item banking through secure, streamlined SME management, including:
Assignable role permissions
Customizable configuration of role views & access
Control of content access within workflows
User-friendly, intuitive access for SMEs
Concurrent review process
Track changes & content commenting

Ideal for Organizations of Every Size, Delivered at Any Scale

From IT and medical certifications to exams for construction, finance and more, ExamStudio’s all-in-one solution enables a broad range of organizations to build, publish and deliver web-based exams in any language, anywhere, anytime.
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