AI Assistant

Enhance Test Development with AI

A powerful artificial intelligence (AI) based method of assisting in test development, ExamStudio’s AI Assistant is an optional platform feature designed to provide testing organizations with leading-edge opportunities for content rich exams.

AI Assistant Functionality

With access to multiple AI providers, this optional robust feature of ExamStudio enables your organization’s users to enhance test development using the AI Assistant to:
Rewrite all or part of an item
Create a new item with references and rationale
Conceptualize item ideas
Create scenarios
Perform translations

Robust AI Features

Secure 24/7 access in ExamStudio
Enable interactive conversations using built-in or user-created prompts
Organized history setting allows you to name, continue and delete conversations
Agile prompt library enables you to create prompts to share with other users and store private prompts
Supports the latest OpenAI models
Future support for additional AI systems and models

AI Security & Privacy

Zoomorphix Systems takes the security and privacy of data seriously. Our platform supports multiple AI models using private data submission. To read an example of API access policies, see OpenAI's public policy here:

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