Versioning System

End-to-End Versioning System

ExamStudio’s comprehensive versioning system manages complex testing processes from item authoring to test publication. This leading-edge capability ensures complete tracking and a full audit trail of every piece of data on the platform at every stage in the testing process.

Item and Case Version Tracking

Use the versioning system to:
See versions every save
Version published revisions
Access full history
Compare and revert changes
Track items authored - what's been changed and who changed it
Review form details edited

Exam Publishing Versioning

Publishing an exam will version the following:
Exam forms edited – versions of exams built
Exams published – versions of exams published
Exams taken – versions of exams taken and by which user

Security & Control

Manage the integrity of testing processes with versioning features including read-only security and the inability to delete published exams.

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