Advanced Item Writing Tools

Intuitive Item Editor for the Most Advanced Subject Matter

The leader in advanced item types, ExamStudio enables complex subject matter to be developed into dynamic, real-world situation testing items with ease. Intuitive writing tools streamline the authoring of interactive items designed to test anything from IT and medical certifications to exams for construction, finance and more.

Advanced Item Editor

Build dynamic testing items with ease using streamlined, intuitive editing tools and capabilities including:
Rich formatting
Insert images and videos
Track changes
Content commenting
Unlimited custom fields
Spell checking

Power Tools

Go beyond standard test-building capabilities with ExamStudio's power tools, including:
Item list management
Custom workflows
Batch operations
Concurrent and sequential review processes
Item statistics

Rich Media Integration

Interactive item types are enhanced by ExamStudio’s rich media integration. Incorporate audio, video and complex images with a streamlined content manager that easily integrates multimedia into a variety of item type formats.

Ideal for Organizations of Every Size, Delivered at Any Scale

From IT and medical certifications to exams for construction, finance and more, ExamStudio’s all-in-one solution enables a broad range of organizations to build, publish and deliver web-based exams in any language, anywhere, anytime.
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